4 Solo Break Destinations that Will Satisfy Your Restless Feet

January 14, 2016

Where do restless feet go?

Everybody deserves a break every now and then and you don’t need to look far into Europe to disappear for a while.

Here are four perfect places to get away from the noise of the city, relax from all the stress , recover from a breakup, or just “find yourself.”


1. Merloquet Falls, Zamboanga

via langyaw.com

Located in Sulibao Barangay, the Merloquet Falls has been one of many favorite tourist spots in Zamboanga City. You will be blown away with the waterfalls cascading from a terrace-like rock formation with a flat rock base that catches the water and serves as the basin for swimmers. It’s perfect if you’re eyeing a soul-searching/outdoor activity kind of trip because you can also go trekking to reach the falls.

Don’t forget to try Zamboanga’s ginataang alimango and watch the vinta boat race!


2. Sabtang Island, Batanes

Want to get a break from all the piles of homework you have to finish before the term ends? Don’t fuss yourself and explore the natural sights! Try biking in the hills of Batanes. Feel the fresh, cool air rest on your face and just breathe in all of the peace and quiet. Roam around and revisit the past by taking a trip to the Ivatan (limestone) houses. See the whole province and feel invincible up high from the view in the Basco Lighthouse.


3. Palaui Island, Cagayan

photo by supermanslash

If you’re not entirely sure what to do yet but just want to escape from the city, then Palaui Island has a lot of activities in store for you. Up for the extreme? You can go skimboaring, feed the crocodiles in the nearby island, or go snorkeling under the many beaches around the island. You can visit Cape Engano Lighthouse, go swimming or camp overnight instead if you just feel like stopping by. Whichever it is, Cagayan is ready for you.


4. Hinatuan Enchanted River, Surigao del Sur

photo by P199 

By its name, you can already begin to speculate that the legends involving the protection of fairies, pixies or mermaids have been going around for a long time. But there’s no need to be spooked because you will easily be carried away with the eternal shades of blue that make up the river. There are also cottages nearby so tourists don’t need to go far to rest for a while. To top it off, the caretakers can cook for you your favorite seafood dish, yep, all the seafood dish you could want. It will just make you dive deep and float your problems away.


You know you deserve this break.





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