Take a Break: 4 Beautiful Things You Didn’t Know Only Existed in the Philippines

December 15, 2015

While the urge to explore other countries is perfectly fine, don’t forget to delve into the Philippines’ endless beautiful corners. Take a look at these majestic photos for a reminder of just how unique and wonderful our home is.

Pinoy fishermen are truly one of the most hardworking and ingenious workers out there. Where else can you find fishermen selling ice cream or buko juice in the middle of the ocean? Our fishermen definitely understand the (swimming) market’s demands!


Ah, the ubiquitous Jeepney—a true symbol of Filipino culture. Today’s most popular mode of public transportation was originally made from U.S. military jeeps. However, Pinoys truly made World War 2’s hand-me-downs their own through colorful designs and family name branding. The Jeepney beautifully shows the Filipinos’ cheerful personality and love for family. For now, let’s forget the rowdy driving.


Isn’t it amazing that although the same sun sets all over the globe, not one sunset is exactly the same with another country? The landscapes and cityscapes that serve as foregrounds for the setting sun are different, after all. Here’s an exquisite one from the Philippines, but you can look forward to many more breathtaking sunsets all over our country.


Filipino cuisine is a mixture of influences from Spain, China and even a bit of America, but Filipino food has evolved into a culinary powerhouse of its own. We might want to sample other cuisines from time to time, but we will always come back to our own.


With its spectacular sights and cultural bits, the Philippines is truly one of a kind!






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