Break Past the 4 Stages of PMS

January 18, 2016

There’s usually a week out of the month that becomes a trying time for all parties involved: Aunt Flo’s monthly visit. During this period of difficulty, it may become a challenge to keep up with the girl of your dreams as she tries to mediate the sudden surge of, ahem, feelings.

As much of a pro as your significant other is at managing her pre- (or post-) menstrual syndrome, you might find yourself dangerously unprepared. If you’re not sure how you’ll survive another round on this roller coaster, here are a few helpful tips!


If you want any chance of surviving the next week, learn to say yes and give in to her cravings, no matter how weird or inconvenient they are. For bonus points, always be prepared and have some KIT KAT on you at all times.


Remember that time your leg cramped, and the world of pain it brought you? Now multiply that by a thousand and distribute it all over your body. This gives you a rough idea of what kind of pain she’s going through. Learn how to give a decent massage, or at least ask her where she wants her back rubbed, and you’ll be fine.


This stage can get pretty tricky, but chin up! Surprise her with a date to the movies, or watch an old favorite that you know will cheer her up. Keep calm, and go with the flow (no pun intended!).


Who said you needed to be together 24/7? Give her space and room to rest, and all will be well with the world. At least, until next month.






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