Quiz: What Kind of Christmas Breaker are You?

December 16, 2015

Try not to smile and get giddy with the thought that Christmas break is seriously so near. Just a few more exams, deadlines and all nighters, and you’ll finally be free to revel fully in the Christmas cheer.

How are you going to spend that freedom? Take the quiz, and let us guess what kind of Christmas breaker you are!


A. Get a massage

B. Watch funny videos

C. Read leisurely

D. Explore nature



A. Chilling at home, a friend’s house or a coffee shop

B. Going to parties, concerts, or other fun events

C. Mostly studying, doing projects or working ahead

D. Climbing mountains, going to the beach or doing something adventurous



A. Absence of requirements, deadlines and any trace of work

B. Spreading Christmas cheer and feeling everyone’s good vibes

C. Being able to learn things you’re interested in without pressure

D. Out of town trips with the gang



A. Your lonesome mostly or a few chill people

B. Cheerful, friendly and funny people

C. People who like to learn new things and to discuss relevant issues

D. People who are always up to go someplace new, far and beautiful



A. Sleep

B. Post an ecstatic Facebook status about your freedom

C. Plan what you’ll be doing to make the most out of the break

D. Call the adventure gang to confirm an out of town trip asap


If you answered…


May it be through a massage, a bum day at home or a chill fest with some friends, you like to spend your breaks in the most relaxing way possible. You’re stoked to be relieved of responsibilities and routines this Christmas break.


You’re a ray of sunshine all year round, but your good vibes radiate stronger during the Christmas break. You live for a break filled with bright decorations, fun events and more cheerful dispositions. People love being around you because your Christmas cheer is contagious.


Not only are you always on top of your game in school or work, you genuinely enjoy learning new things. While most people would hate doing anything school or work related during the Christmas break, you actually don’t mind it because it means being advanced with requirements.


Staying in one place all the time is just not your thing. You’re fascinated with new places, unique things and daring activities. You jump on opportunities to visit places you’ve never been before and to do things you’ve never experienced. For you, the Christmas break equates to a plethora of those opportunities, and you’re very excited to make the most out of it.
Was your result spot-on? Share your Christmas break thoughts below!










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