What a Good Break is Made of

January 4, 2016

We all know what healthy break habits are: taking quick short ones in between long-haul work sessions, making sure you have enough time to rest your brain, nourish your body and get rid of the clutter in your head. But what, exactly, is a good break made of? If, for example, you have an hour to take a break–how should you divide your time to make the most of it?



5% (3 mins) – Planning

Like all great things, a little planning is necessary. Figure out what you want to do before hand to make the most of your break time.


10% (6 mins) – Exercise

Get your brain pumping and your brain working a little bit extra right before you take a break. The relief of taking one will be that much sweeter, and you can stay sharp with the matter at hand.


20% (12 mins) – Distraction

Whether it’s going through your social media feeds, picking up a book, or watching a short film, make sure that what you’re doing has nothing to do with what you’re working on!


30% (18 mins) – Food

Sure, you take little snack breaks. Sometimes you even take your lunch while working just to get stuff done. On your break, make sure you have enough time to sit down for a proper meal, or to indulge in something that makes you happy–like your favorite KIT KAT bar!


35% (21 mins) – Fun

Time flies when you’re having fun, so make sure you devote most of your break to an activity that makes you happy. Hang out with a friend, catch up with one over the phone, or bring out a picnic mat and do some cloud watching at a nearby park.


Regardless of how much time you have or where you are, follow this chart to make sure all your breaks are great ones! Have a good one, breakers!







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