4 Unique Breaks That Will Make You Fall in Love with BGC

August 4, 2016

Home of Passionate Minds—that’s what’s written on one of the signs that welcome you to Bonifacio Global City. In a place as lively and charming as BGC, we might as well call it the Home of Awesome Breaks too!

Here’s how you can experience the best of BGC:


Have an artistic break

Images from bgc.com.ph, the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc., & Shutter Panda


Art is everywhere in this city! Peppered with Instagram-worthy murals and art installations, it’s hard to resist snapping a photo—or twenty. Take a photo walk around BGC and get that feeling of awe every time you stumble upon a mural for the first time. It doesn’t matter if it’s so subtle that you almost miss it or if it covers an entire building wall. Every time you encounter these works of art, you can’t help but feel a sense of wonder.


Have an educational break

Images from themindmuseum.org


For all you self-proclaimed nerds out there, The Mind Museum is a must-visit!

Within this award-winning and world-class museum, you can learn and experience science the fun way. Marvel at the Jurassic Park-esque T. rex exhibit, take a trip to outer space in the Universe Gallery, and discover your love for science through over 250 interactive exhibits. We know, we know. You’re probably thinking: “You had me at T-Rex.”

For more info, visit themindmuseum.org


Have an exhilarating break

Images from Flying Trapeze Philippines on Facebook


If whizzing through the air like a circus performer is your idea of a perfect break, try booking a class with Flying Trapeze Philippines. Intended to be an alternative form of exercise, thrill seekers and fitness enthusiasts who want to try something new will surely love this. Bye bye, boring workouts!

For more info, visit trapeze.ph


Have an outdoor break


If you’d rather enjoy the great outdoors on steady ground, head over to the open spaces of BGC’s parks. Track 30th’s jogging path and cool fitness installations are perfect for active breakers, while a meditation garden awaits if zen breaks are more your thing. For the young at heart, Terra 28th’s artsy playground will make you feel like a kid again.


Whatever kind of break you have, what’s important is you have a break, period! See you in BGC!