Break a Sweat!

November 25, 2016


Let’s face it, we all want to get fit but often, we’re just all exhausted from work and the hours of commute we grudgingly do day after day that we don’t have the motivation to go the gym anymore. But don’t fret! Here’s a small lifestyle change that you can do before you hit the shower in the evening or in the morning in 10 minutes or less!



This is the workout you can do anytime, anywhere. Crank it up by changing the positions of both hands and feet. It’s simple and effective so make the most out of this upper body exercise by doing it right. Do 10 pushups for 3 sets to train your muscles to work together and become stronger, to create balance and stability, and to enhance your posture



One of the best, fat-burning ab exercise out there, crunches help you strengthen your core and abdominal muscles and help eliminate excess fat in the belly area. Just like the pushups, doing crunches is a classic workout that gets the job done! Plus, you can easily mix it up if you get bored with basic crunches. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions to attain that ab goal!


High knees

High knees are very easy and one of the key workouts you need if you like running. The motion of lifting your knees as high as possible (preferably hip length) 10 times for 3 sets increases power and strengthens your thighs and legs, enhances balance, and pumps up your blood. Just like the rest, it is a simple workout the can be done literally anywhere!



Usually interchanged with crunches, sit-ups do not only target abdominal muscles, but also help in stabilizing the muscles in the chest, back, neck, and hip area. Since sit-ups involve more muscle movement, they also increase the calories you get to burn compared to crunches. For 3 sets, do at least 20 sit-ups to rapidly increase fat burn in the belly area. Make sure you don’t have any neck or back issues to prevent injuries.



Those who say that 60 seconds is quick have never tried planking before. It’s a tough workout that involves lying in the ground while having only your toes and elbows holding yourself up. It looks easy, but a few minutes of planking can get you really worked out! Take the challenge and see the amazing things it can do to your body! 60 seconds of planking at the end of every set helps you improve your balance and posture, build mental strength and body endurance.

So you know what to do: wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than usual and start doing this routine, repeatedly. You can thank us later ;)


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