Word Games That Are Worth Your Break Time!

August 16, 2016

Five more minutes before lunch break ends? Here are quick post-lunchbreak games to help you wake your mind up and get those creative juices flowing.

You just need a few things:

  • A set of letter tiles (old, new, or DIYs, it doesn’t matter)

  • Scratch paper (the back of your notebook will do)

  • Your phone 


1. Squabble

Squabble is a loud and exciting game. Get ready to think, shout, and steal! It’s an exciting version of our staple letter-tile game, breaking the silence and the slow pace. It’s perfect for groups of 3 or more. 

Goal: Form the most words.

How to Play:

1. Lay out all the letter tiles facing down, on any flat surface. Here’s the basic game set up:


2. Decide who plays first - It can be the oldest, the shortest, or the cutest, up to you. 

3. First player opens one tile, to be followed by the player on his/her left, and so on.

4. You can form words using the tiles that are facing up.. Own the word by shouting it out loud before the other players could! First to say the word owns it.

5. This goes on until all tiles are used up.

6. One word = 1 point. Player with most words wins!

The Catch:

  • Words can be stolen! 

            - You can steal words by rearranging the letter tiles to form new words.

            - You can also add new letter tiles to form new words and steal, but you cannot take out letters. 

            - You cannot steal words just by making it plural or by changing its tense. Stolen words should change in meaning.


2. Word Hunt

If you’re in a library or in a quiet place and you can’t shout and steal words, you can play Word Hunt. It’s a reduced version of Squabble, but still as thrilling! You can play it one-on-one or have as much as 10 players!

Goal: List as much words as you can see.

How to Play:

1. Pick a total of 25 tiles from your pile. Let everyone have the chance to pick. Make sure there are as much vowels as there are consonants.

2. Randomly place the tiles, facing down, on the table in a 5x5 square layout.

3. Set your phone timer to 3 minutes. Grab a pen and scratch paper.

4. Turn all the tiles up as you start the timer.

5. Form words through interconnecting tiles, in any pattern as long as the letters are in sequence.

6. The player with the most unique words wins!



The Catch: Only unique words have scores.


  • At the end of 3 minutes, each player will do a verbal word run down. Players have to cross out words that are part of the other players’ lists.

  • You only get a point for words that are unique, words that no one else found except you.

  • Remember: the longer and the harder the words, the higher the chances your opponents won't find them.

How to score:


3. Top Up

Up for something faster, louder, and even more thrilling? Top up would suit you best! This is a game of quick thinking, second after second, category after category.


Goal: Never run out of words to say.

How to play:

1. Decide who plays first - either the tallest, the biggest or anything else you can think off.

2. The game moves to the left of the first player.

3. Set up a 5-second timer that rings loudly.

4. The first player chooses a random category. Example: Things you can do with KitKat.

5. The first player draws a letter tile and tells a word associated with the category that starts with the tile he has drawn. Example: He draws an “E”, the player can say “EAT.”

6. After he says the first word, he taps the timer so it starts to countdown from 5 to 1.

7. The player on the left draws another letter tile and should be able to tell a word related to the category before the timer rings. Example: He draws a “C”, the player can say “CHEW.”

8. After saying the word, he would restart the timer and the next player on the left draws another tile.

9. The game ends when lunch break is over.


The player who cannot give a word in 5 seconds loses. He can be voted out of the game or he can be asked to do something as a consequence.

Gather as much letter tiles as you can! Set up a mini “Letter Tile Donation Box” and let everyone contribute letter tiles of different shapes or forms. You can collect cardboard letter tiles from your niece's alphabet sets, or from old board games your cousins aren’t using anymore. The more letter tiles you have, the better games you can play!

Let’s all start a LETTER TILE drive! Because when you’re bored or you’re dozing off on a rainy afternoon, or when your team can’t function well on a brainstorming session, it pays to have a container full of letter tiles.



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