Concert Season is Coming, What Are You Bringing?

August 16, 2016


It is yet again the season for back-to-back concerts! From pop artists to rock bands, we just can’t resist being there to live the moment!

While you’re thinking how to get yourself that most coveted ticket, we listed few things you must do to prepare before a concert!

1. Listen to the songs - over and over again

Yes, we know, you already know all the songs! But there’s some sort of excitement it brings when you listen to their songs days before the concert. Put those playlists on repeat - in your phone, in your laptop or even in the car! Make sure you know every word so you can sing your heart out during the concert!


2. With more power, comes more sharing

Make sure you have enough power. By power, we mean battery! Charge everything the day before the concert. Make sure your power bank and your camera is charged into its full capacity. Charge your phone the night before and even hours before!


3. Get your Camera going

Looking back at awesome photos after the concert is as thrilling! Make sure your camera is fully charged. It helps to have a mirrorless camera, as some organizers do not allow DSLRs inside the venue. These cameras usually connects with your phone. Imagine sharing great photos right after the concert - what a joy! Don’t forget, bring extra memory cards so you can just keep on pointing and shooting while you dance the night away! 


4. Handy-dandy essentials

Keep your essentials handy and compact! Never ever forget to bring a set of dry and wet tissue, a small fragrance (probably in an atomizer), snacks and extra shirt. Don’t forget to bring a small wallet and fill it up with just the right amount you need for the night. Spilled soda? You never want anything to ruin your moment. It pays to always be ready!


5. Killer outfit that won’t kill you

Okay, we know you wanna dress up for this special night, but remember, you also want to enjoy. Heavy and bulky clothes are usually uncomfortable. Keep your outfit light, flowy and loose. Trade your heels for a comfy flats! You don’t want to hurt your feet when you dance in stilettos! Keep it stylish and comfy, always!



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