Quick Adventures: Everything that Fits Your One-Hour Break

December 6, 2016

Adults just want to have fun! Check out these nearby adult playgrounds that you can go to whenever you need to catch a break!


City Kart Manila: For the adrenaline junkie

There are a few things in life that only a road trip can cure but if you don’t have the luxury of time (and money), why not head to City Kart Manila for that much-needed action! Race at full throttle as the newest playground in town will make your heart skip a beat at its 700-meter course.



Ball Pit Manila: For the kids at heart

Well, you can’t make yourself disappear when adulting hits you hard but we assure you that you can bury yourself in a giant pit full of white balls to say adieu to adulting and responsibilities. Check out Ball Pit Manila - the coolest adult playground made for kids at heart! With 80,000 balls to play with, you can surely forget being a grown up even for a while.



Jump Yard: For the fitness junkie

Burn calories the fun way with the biggest and coolest trampoline park in town - Jump Yard! Experience a different kind of high in the 2,000 square meters of jumping space while you reach for the sky (sort of), bounce off the walls, and jump into foam pits relieving all the sweet, good days. Also, be thrilled to know that while you are having fun you are doing some exercises too!



Flying Trapeze: For the thrill seeker

Dare to fly! Be that bird up in the sky! Unleash your desire to fly through the air with the Flying Trapeze - the first and only flying trapeze school in the country. Not only is it cool and fun, Flying Trapeze will help you tone your upper body and core muscles.



Trampoline Park: For the jock wannabe

Remember the days when you wanted to be the star player at school? We do! Experience fun and fitness with Trampoline Park. A warehouse turned trampoline playground, the newest attraction at Greenfield District lets you have fun at giant foam pits and play dodgeball, basketball, parkour zero-gravity style.

So what are you waiting for? Experience a different kind of break with these awesome adult playground around the metro!




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