Metro Melting Pot: Maginhawa

December 9, 2016

When in Quezon City, one must not simply ignore the busy street of Maginhawa if food trip is what you are looking for. A haven for office workers and students alike, Maginhawa Street offers a stark contrast to malls’ quick dining style with its relaxed, low key vibe and not to mention a great selection of good food. Out of probably a hundred restaurants, we pick some of the best places you can go to to quench your food lust.

StrEAT Maginhawa Food Park

The famous street of Maginhawa is now more colorful and busier than ever thanks to StrEAT Food Park! - the latest addition in the long strip of gastronomical goodness that is home to 11 diverse food stalls. From dreamy milkshakes to korean matcha bingsu and juicy kebab to flavorful burrito, StrEAT is the best place for those who are searching for more!

Cat Cafe

Be greeted with “meows” instead of “hi’s” and “hello’s” at the first cat cafe in the metro - Cat Cafe Manila! opened to the public just last year, the cafe houses 12 felines saved and sheltered by their partner organization CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals). Enjoy the afternoon drinking ice blended frappe  while you play with amazing and sometimes strange furry pets.

Papa Diddi’s

A delightfully warm and cheery place, Papa Didi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream brings back the glory days of old ice cream parlor with 18 locally-sourced, handcrafted, unusual ice cream flavors. Aside from their interesting ice cream flavors - such as Roasted Forbidden Rice and Sweet Basil - a small percentage of sales go to book donations for local libraries.

The Nook Cafe

Tucked in the festive street of Maginhawa is a magical cafe where pure bloods, half-bloods, and muggles share a mug of Butterbeer in peace! Once you enter the seemingly ordinary The Nook Cafe, you will be transformed to Hogwarts where  you can get cozy at their common room.

Theo’s Baked and Brew

Brew delightful moments at this treehouse-themed bakery and coffee shop along the Maginhawa strip. With its homey vibe and wooden interior, Theo’s Baked and Brew is always open for catching ups, study sessions, and nightcaps. From all-day breakfast food and heavenly treats, Theo’s is definitely your favorite neighborhood cafe.   



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