Kitkat DIYs to Sweeten Up Your Parties

December 19, 2016

Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means! Parties and reunions are starting to pile up week after week. If you’re hosting one, make sure you will be serve something different!  Aside from the usual food buffet, it would be awesome to actually set up a dessert table.

Here are quick, no-bake desserts and set ups you can do to impress your guests on your next party!

Party Starters

It’s always good to have bite size sweets that your guests can munch on while waiting for the party to start. Our suggestion: KITKAT Waffle S’mores!

WHAT YOU NEED: Waffles (biscuits or real), large mallows, KITKAT and holiday sprinkles!


Party Piece

Wow your guests with a homemade dessert! Something big and shareable, we suggest you for the KITKAT Holiday Cheesecake!

WHAT YOU NEED: Loads of KITKAT 4 Fingers, KITKAT Chunky, KITKAT Bites, Cream Cheese and Condensed Milk


Take Away

Make sure your guests remember your party by giving them a dessert box that you’ve worked hard on and that they’ll love. You can do the KITKAT Matcha Treasure Box!

WHAT YOU NEED: Loads of KITKAT Matcha 4 Fingers, KITKAT Bites and some edible decors




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