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Everything Green for 2017

Everything Green for 2017


March 23, 2017



Going once, twice, going green!


Now that 2016 is officially over, we call all start over again with a clean slate.  Thank heavens!

2016 was an exceptionally weird and for most part, a particularly sad year. That’s why it’s no wonder a spring color is picked as 2017’s biggest color to reflect the overall mood and attitude of all. Nature’s neutral color, the Greenery is a refreshing and zesty shade that will surely revitalize every nook and cranny of one’s life.


Be it in fashion, food, or home, apply the color of year to everything and everywhere to kick off 2017 right!

1. Eat green

Apply green on everything even into your stomach! Now is the year to commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle by eating greens! Don’t forget to reward yourself for a good job done with Kitkat Green Tea!


2. Paint your walls green

The yellow-green hue Greenery evokes vitality and growth. Though it is definitely a striking shade, it relaxes the muscles and increases your body histamine levels, making you calm and relaxed. Not sure if you want a big, bold green wall? You may opt to use a patterned wallpaper instead.


3. Accessorize!

Bring nature into your environment! Regardless if it is at home or at the office, accessorize your place with something green to add a pop of brightness and freshness. The best way to do it is to do it literally!


4. Wear it til your friends are green with envy

Reconnect with nature by incorporating the color of the year to your wardrobe. It may be a spring color but you can absolutely wear all throughout the year. Add a refreshing hit of green to your outfit everyday!


5. Explore the great outdoors

Developed during the 80s, forest bathing is a Japanese concept that when you are stressed or you want to relax, the best thing that one can do is to go walk in the forest. But if you want more than that, why not trek the exciting terrains we have in the country too?


Now go on and make 2017 a better year with Greenery!



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