Style Break: The 5 stylish men you should be following on Instagram

March 23, 2017

The 5 stylish men you should be following on Instagram

*Double tap in a heartbeat*


We’ve sorted out the most stylish feeds among the hordes of fashion bloggers in the country for you to follow. Double-tap all the way!

David Guison

Whether you are a guy or a girl, David Guison is one stylish young man you should be following. Because, why not? He is one of the few guys who has been in the blogosphere long before fashion blogging became a thing. And he is a very definition of a well-groomed man.



Miko Carreon

Known as the Style Architect, his street style credential is off the roof! Wherever he goes, he makes sure that the street is his runway. Besides the lit OOTDs, Miki is not shy to also showcase his dance moves for all the world to see.



DG Razon

Here’s a certified cutie who does not only dress well but also takes good photo. Scrolling down his feed is a delight as if he is personally telling you about what made him smile today through his charming OOTDs and breathtaking landscapes. Also, follow him if you love artsy, light photographs.



Kerwin King - casual & young

Kerwin King’s Insta grid looks easy on the eye thanks to his softly-filtered photos documenting his young and vibrant adventures. Besides his grid’s lovely aesthetic, he makes sure that his carefree outlook in life is visible in his OOTDs.



Neil Dy  - Lifestyle + Sporty

It’s easy to get lost track of time with Neil Dy’s photos of travel, school, food, and many more. A relative new face in the fashion blogging scene, Neil Dy is one sporty and stylish man to watch out for.


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