Party Break: Here's Your Prom Checklist

March 23, 2017


Here’s a quick guide on how to stay fresh all throughout your prom night.

1. Girls, get a dress; Guys, get a suit

In the morning of your prom, do a one last full check of what you are wearing during the event. Check the buttons, the zipper, etc. to avoid wardrobe malfunction. This includes checking your shoes and bag too.


2. Pamper yourself up

Besides getting 8 hours of sleep, go to the salon as early as possible to have your hair and makeup done.

Also, take a shower.


3. Eat a light meal

It would be best to eat a light meal an hour or two before the prom to keep yourself  from starving and feeling light headed when the crowd gets big and the music too loud.


4. Know what to bring with you

Have a checklist of the things you’re going to bring with you to make your night enjoyable as much as possible:

- Lip gloss: Lipstick fades and dries up so make sure you have a lip gloss to keep your lips looking fresh  
- Phone: This seems pretty self explanatory. Just charge it before you leave and bring a powerbank with you if you could.
- Mints: Freshen up your breath once in awhile.
- A compact mirror: For checking out stains,  food stuck between teeth, and shine on your face.
- Perfume: A vial of your favorite perfume to smell fresh and sweet all night..


5. Have fun!

Prom is only as much fun as you make it! So make sure you enjoy the highlight of your high school days  with your friends.


Make the most out of your prom night!














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