March 23, 2017


If there is one resolution to keep this 2017, it’s this: love yourself more.  

Let go

Two words. A difficult task to make. We’ve heard about this everywhere and it’s about time to really do it! From toxic relationships to emotional baggages, belongings, and negative thoughts, just let it go. Sit down and list down the things you need to let go and the reasons behind. You are meant to enjoy life but how can you do it if you have all these baggages around you?



Spend time alone

Dedicate a day wherein you don’t have anything to worry but yourself. Spend time drinking your favorite drink or pick up the book you are meaning to read for awhile now. It recharges your spirit, lifts societal pressure (even just for a moment), and helps you sort through problems.



Pamper yourself

You’re eyeing that pair of shoes for months now? Buy it! Don’t feel guilty for treating yourself once in awhile just because you have responsibilities to fulfill. Enjoy the fruits of your hard earned money. Also, you can pamper yourself by complimenting yourself. Be kind and start telling positive things about yourself and see the difference that it can make.



Travel more

Nothing is more refreshing and exciting than traveling to some unknown places. It is a perfect time for you to be introspective about a lot things especially about yourself. With traveling, you get to speak up about what you really like and what you don’t like. Same goes with your own life.



Enjoy the company of friends and loved ones

Surround yourself with people that loves and accepts you no matter what. These are the people that will cheer for your every success and comfort you when times get tough. If you have relationships that you know are not beneficial, ditch them! You don’t need that kind of negativity!


Rock like never before! Make this year they year of loving yourself more.















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