Early Summer Break: Visayan Island Trip

March 23, 2017



It’s never too early to plan your summer vacation!


When someone mentions Visayas, the first place that comes to mind is either Boracay or Cebu. While these two are good summer destinations, there are still a lot of places to discover in the busy Visayas region. From powdery beaches to crystal clear rivers, Visayas island offers a great getaway that is worth all the travel and hassle.


Malalison, Antique

Situated near the famous beaches of Boracay, the sleepy town of Antique is a developing eco-tourism destination that one should take note of.


Hinugtan Beach, Aklan

While Aklan is already famous for Boracay and Ati-atihan festival, the idyllic island still has much to offer to the public just like Hinugtan Beach, Ariel’s Point, and Sabang Cave.


Tatlong Pulo, Guimaras

Known for its sweet-as-sugar mangoes, Guimaras is a tiny island that is big on scenic destinations.



Mysterious and magical, the little island of Siquijor enchants the visitors with its charm and natural wonders.


Carbin Reef, Negros Occidental

More than just a laidback island situated in the Negros, Carbin Reef is a marine sanctuary, famous for snorkeling and scuba diving. Or you can just relax and sleep on the find sands of the island!


Satisfy your wanderlust with unspoilt destinations from the Visayan region!





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