5 Things Not to Eat on Your First Date

March 23, 2017



You know what they say, first impressions last.


Almost every relationship starts off with a formal date. And truth be told, first dates can be awkward and messy especially if you have ZERO clue of what is suppose to go on. But besides minding your manners and clothes, make sure to take note of foods you should not eat. You don’t want your partner staring at the piece of lettuce between your front teeth, do you?



The spaghetti scene at the Lady and the Tramp movie looks sweet but don’t dare copy it IRL. Because spaghetti sauce all over your face and slurping sound do not look romantic. At all.


Garlic and Onion

If you are wishing to end your first date with a kiss, make sure not to eat anything pungent that no amount of breath mints can mask.



Another thing to avoid on your first date is messy food. And burger tops off the no-no list. Not only that it’s messy, you have to eat it with your bare hands while you open your mouth to its full potential. Not a romantic sight at all.



Nothing good comes out from eating soup during your first date. Just like spaghetti, it is messy and your date might not be able to tolerate all the slurping sound you make.



If you like spicy food and your stomach is pretty strong, then by all means, go ahead. But if not, don’t risk it. Spicy food can cause sweating and watery eyes. Plus, it might interrupt your first date because you suddenly have an appointment to the bathroom.


Make your first impression a good one!



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