Love Break: Surviving Long Distance Relationships

March 23, 2017



Nobody says long distance relationship is going to be easy.


Most people believe it is a disaster waiting to happen. Your friends and family will most likely disapprove of it. But while LDRs are far more challenging, the distance between the lovers could either help strengthen the relationship or pull the two apart. Below are some tips to not just survive but nurture the relationship, no matter the distance.


1. Communicate enough

Just like with any other relationships, communication is important. There are tons of apps you can use that allow interactions other than stickers and emoticons. Greet each other every morning and evening. Schedule your calls. Send sweet nothings. But at the same time, avoid spamming and scrutinizing your partner every second of the day. Remember, you still have separate lives to live.


2. See it as an opportunity

Point of view matters a lot. Instead seeing the distance in a negative light, it could be an opportunity for the two of you to trust each other more. Also, enjoy the independence. Do something productive with your time like learning a new craft or hobby.


3. Be real

Be honest with your emotions. Express what you are feeling whether it’s sadness or happiness or anger. Nothing ruins a relationship like bottled up emotions swallowing you from the inside out. You have to let your partner know and together, solve it properly.  


4. Do things together

Play online games together. Read the same book and discuss it afterwards. Watch a movie or a video at the same time. Listen to the same music. Make use of the internet, the gadget, or whatever technology there is to feel closer together despite the distance.


5. Think long term

Where do you see this relationship going? Do you see yourself together with this person in the long run? Are you in this relationship for all the right reasons? Are you sure you are not just feeling lonely? You have to be seriously be committed to this person if you want to make it work.


Survive the big and scary three letter word by creating ways to maintain the trust and foundation you’ve had with your partner!




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