Metro Melting Pot: BF vs Kapitolyo

March 23, 2017



Craving for something? Move from north to south to try these awesome restaurants!


For the pizza lovers

BF Homes - Mama Lou’s

Leave your Italian cravings to this legendary restaurant from the South! Mama Lou’s is that one homey restaurant that would remind you of how Italian food should be done. Treat yourself to their famous Risotto Tartufo Funghi and Mama Lou’s Special Pizza.


Kapitolyo - Pomodoro Pizza

Pomodoro Pizza is your friendly neighborhood pizza place for two reasons: one is that it offers super affordable meals and two is that they make their dishes from scratch. So if you’re craving for Italian food and on a tight budget, you know where to go.



Turning japanese?

BF Homes - Sensei Sushi Bar

When in South, try this tiny spot along Aguirre Street. Not your typical casual Japanese dining place, Sensei Sushi Bar serves what is fresh and readily available in their local market. So expect a different dish every time you visit!


Kapitolyo - Nori

Sushi on the go? That’s exactly what you’re going to get here at Nori. Located at the 1st Street, it serves Japanese fusion meals like Sushi wraps, yakitori, and sushi bowls. Besides the rather affordable price, the artsy, dimly lit interior with newspaper wall is also a delight to see.



Want meat?

BF Homes - Meat Depot

If you are looking for quality meat in the South, Meat Depot is the place to go. It is a meat shop with a built in restaurant that can cook your choice meat based on how you like your steak to be made. Nothing fancy here, just pure meaty love!



Kapitolyo - Mad Mark's

Mad Mark’s has been here for a couple of years now but we couldn’t help but go back here again and again. Not only that it’s famous for their insanely good artisanal ice creams, Mad Mark’s is also synonymous to very good-tasting steaks.



 Coffee break

BF Homes - Carpe Diem

Seize the day after drinking a good cup of coffee from Carpe Diem!



Kapitolyo - United Coffee

Besides the steady wifi, Kapitolyo’s United Coffee is a secret hideout within a hip compound that serves ridiculously strong coffee to wake every sleeping cell in your body. They also serve pastries and light meals to go with your coffee binging too.



For sugar rush

BF Homes - Bucky’s Counter

Regardless if it’s a cookie, a brownie, or a hybrid of the two, Bucky’s ingenious sweet treat is something we all look forward to after meal.


Kapitolyo - Karen’s Kitchen

Upon entering Karen’s Kitchen, one can’t help but go ‘awwww’ because of how cute this place is. Decked in interesting knick knacks and old kitchen items, Karen’s Kitchen makes shabby chic cool again. Though it is known for Karen Young’s famous red velvet cake, one must not skip their flavored frozen brazo too.



Make food great again this 2017!






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