May 16, 2015

KIT KAT celebrates you, The ‘Breaker’, and the unique breaks you take. Whether you’re the ‘Alone Time’ Breaker, the ‘Make-A-New-Friend’ Breaker, or the ‘Gotta Be Up There’ Breaker, this site was made for you, and the crazy one-of-a-kind breaks you take.

And here’s another thing, just for you: the KIT KAT Bench Breaks – that will start appearing all over the country, at the malls, in the parks, at your favorite lunching spot, even at the beach! To the swingers, the teeter-totters, the music-lovers, the adventure hunters, this site will help you spot all the different types of benches for your kind of break.

A rock or stroll in the park, or simply alone time with a new magazine.

For those who break to mingle.

A WiFi-enabled bench for those who break to connect.

A bench to help you meditate.

A bench to rock out in between sets.

A bench for those who break to get wet.

And a bench for those who break to get away from it all.

So take a break from the usual, find a KIT KAT Bench Break and discover something entirely new! Click on the “Bench Break” tab to find a KIT KAT bench near you. We’ll be rolling out more benches in the coming days so check back often. We just might have a bench that’s right for you. So, what’s your kind of break?


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