How Taking Regular Breaks Makes You a Better Person

April 23, 2015

Your 15-minute work break and your one-hour lunch break don’t exist purely for kicks. It’s a proven fact that taking breaks make you a better person, and here’s why:


Improved Attention

Switching focus on and off actually improves your attention span. Taking a break keeps your brain from overloading, basically, helping you return to your activity with the reset in place.


Less Stress

Whether you’re taking a 20-second breather or a half hour walk around the block, detaching yourself from a task at hand allows you the space to compartmentalize and manage the feelings and stress that come with it.


You Think More Clearly

Putting your head down and out for a bit allows you to shake the cobwebs out and helps you gain a perspective that you otherwise wouldn’t have even thought of with your nose too close to the subject.


Helps You Socialize

Taking breaks allows you to fulfill a basic human need: the need for social interaction. Breaks allow you to have conversations with your office mates (or strangers), thus helping make you a more balanced person. Plus, interactions come with the opportunity to seek help and ask for advice.


It Makes You More Productive

You become more productive after a break. Sometimes you need to just get out all your other impulses so that all that’s left is to do work.


Lets You Refocus and Prioritize

The distance from a project helps you refocus and fix your priorities. Take the time to take a step back, admire what you’ve done so far, and try to see if your progress is where you expected it to be, or if there are any improvements you can think of. Always keep in mind what the truly important things are.


You Become Healthier

Less hassle and less stress equate to a healthier and happier you. Once you learn how to take breaks, your skin gets clearer, you start to sleep better, and you get sick less often.


You Recharge

Breaks make you a better person because they allow you to recharge. Our suggestion? Head down to the closest convenience store and grab a snack to help you get your energy back up. You will accomplish very little on an empty stomach.


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