Break Today and Learn Something New : KIT KAT Ice Cream Cake

May 28, 2015



What you’ll need:

Springform pan (detachable bottom)
KIT KAT bars (actual number will depend on the size of your pan)
1 gallon each of four different ice cream flavors

Divide the KIT KAT bars into bunches of two.
Roughly chop 8 KIT KAT fingers and divide them into four bowls (roughly 2 bars per bowl).
Let your first ice cream flavor rest for around 10 minutes on the counter. Do this for each flavor in turn.

Line your springform pan along the edges perpendicularly with the KIT KAT bars. Make sure they are logo-side out. You may have to shave a few to fit your pan.

Take out the gallon of your first ice cream flavor (which should be soft and easier to manage now that you’ve let it rest) and transfer it to the pan. Use the spatula to even it and smooth it towards the edges.

Sprinkle one bowl of roughly chopped KIT KAT bars evenly on top.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the remaining ice cream flavors.

Once you have four layers of your chosen ice cream flavors and have topped it with the last bowl of chopped KIT KAT bars, cover the cake and return to the freezer until ready to consume. You can follow the recipe through this video as well

Voila! Congratulations and enjoy your KIT KAT ice cream cake!