The 4 Kinds of People You Meet on Public Bench Breaks

By Migs Borja- Yambao

May 14, 2015

Taking a break is one of life’s simple pleasures. We Filipinos know this and most of us don’t need any additional reminders.

Taking breaks takes many forms, but for some of us, a stroll through the park does the trick nicely. But when walking through the greens, amidst all the foliage, in the (almost) fresh air actually starts to wind you and make you break a sweat, you’d find that most parks have nice, comfy benches where you can park your butt. .

And it is a widely known fact that benches are great places to meet new people. Here’s a list of 4 people you’re most likely to encounter:



The Mr. Wilsons and the Mr. Fredricksens

Grumpy, mumbly and sometimes seemingly unfriendly, the seniors who take up their territories on park benches are an interesting bunch, once you get to know them. If you’re sure you’ve brought all of your good manners with you, go ahead and approach! Befriend them and get regaled with stories that span from the 1900’s all the way to yesterday’s merienda/siesta/break!


The Keanu Reeveses

Disconnected, a little sad, but devastatingly handsome, the Keanu Reeveses have their birthday cakes in tow. They just look weird, but they’re actually very nice guys. And hey, if you’re a lady, these guys would gladly give up their seat for you, just because. Chivalry ain’t dead!


The JGL’s and the Zooey Deschanels

Couples on benches are tricky, as you wouldn’t want to be intruding upon a moment. But sometimes it can be incredibly rewarding to get to know couples with their how-they-met and when-they-plan to get married stories, But sometimes it can also happen that couples actually aren’t, and you’ve just made two new friends for your effort!


The Forrest Gumps


Weird at first, then as they border on insane, they suddenly reveal that they’re actually wise men/women who have seen much of life and are now here to tell you all about it.

Don’t worry about the chocolates, they’re probably KIT KAT. I mean, what kind of a wise man would this guy be they were anything else?



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