How to Go on a Vacation Break without Leaving Your Desk

April 13, 2015

We live in a tropical country—one that’s broken into 7,107 little pieces, closely scattered in the ocean, each outlined by various shades of sand—and yet we crave the beach like we’re chest-deep in the polar vortex.

We flock to the beaches we know of and seek the ones we’ve only heard of almost any time of the year. Whenever there’s a long weekend, or whenever we can file a leave. There’s always a sunny spot in the Philippines, right?

Life seems better when you’re on break. Doesn’t it? You feel like a better person when you’re on break. You’re this relaxed, well-rested, well-fed, nicely tanned version of yourself.

You want the beach so much that you can almost smell it—the familiar mix of sun, salt water, sunblock and sweat. You want to put some shades on. The glare is making you squint. But you feel the wind against your bare legs, grainy with sand, so it’s all good.

You go into the water. It’s nice and warm. The sun’s made everything just right. The water’s crystal clear—you’re in up to your chest but you can still see your feet. All is beautiful. Cool breeze washes over your face. You tell yourself you needed this.

You walk languidly back to the shore and reach for a cold drink, only to be greeted by a cup of cold tea right next to that cold, half-eaten packed lunch. You’re at your desk. You were always here.

You deserve a break, seriously.

For now, go and take a real lunch break, then a quick and comforting KIT KAT break, and finally, get yourself a vacation.


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