Indulge yourself and take a break with this rich and creamy KIT KAT® Chunky Hazelnut Terrine

By Words: Pamela Cortez / Photography: Pam Santos

August 28, 2015

Sometimes you just need to relax, kick up your heels and pamper yourself. Then there are times when the perfect break is simply a bite away. Here’s a recipe shared by that’s so rich and indulgent, having it may be considered a luxury:

Imagine, rich and creamy KIT KAT® Chunky Hazelnut resting at the bottom of layers of hazelnut chocolate mousse, chantilly cream, and crunchy roasted nuts, turning your KIT KAT® Chunky Hazelnut into one classy, delectable break. This is one dessert so sophisticated, you better get used to keeping that pinky up.

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KIT KAT® Chunky Hazelnut Terrine


     - 5 to 6 bars KIT KAT® Chunky Hazelnut

     - 12 oz dark chocolate 

     - 3/4 cup Nutella 

     - 2 1/2 cups whipping cream (divided into 2)

     - 1/4 cup sugar

     - 1 cup roasted hazelnuts (can be substituted with peanuts)  



     1. Line a loaf pan with KIT KAT® Chunky Hazelnut

     2. Melt dark chocolate in a double boiler and add Nutella until combined and smooth. Set aside to               cool, about 80 degrees.

     3. While mixture is cooling, whip half of the cream into soft peaks. 

     4. Take the cooled chocolate mixture and fold into the cream to make the chocolate mousse.

     5. Pour the mousse over the KIT KAT® Chunky Hazelnut and allow to set in the fridge for 15 to 20                   minutes. 

     6. While mousse is chilling, whip the rest of the cream into stiff peaks.

     7. Place whipped cream over the mousse and top with nuts. 

     8. Let the dessert set in the freezer for 6 hours or overnight. 

     9. Remove terrine from pan and slice.



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