Give Yourself a Break: What Kind of Middle Child are You?

By Jozza Alegre-Palaganas

August 12, 2015

Middle children aren’t all the same. Just like Kit Kat, there are many kinds of us.

a. 2
b. 4
c. 6
d. 8 or more

a. Kim Kardashian
b. Chris Hemsworth
c. Pippa Middleton
d. Jim Carrey

a. YES
b. No
c. It’s okay
d. I guess?

b. Ooh! Some alone time!
c. It’s a nice photo. I wanna show it to my sister/brother!
d. What am I supposed to be looking at?

a. Should I?
b. The most cost-efficient, probably.
c. Whatever’s great with everyone.
d. Sugar.

a. Red
b. Blue
c. Green
d. Yellow

a. A large crowd in a busy street.
b. In my room, with the windows closed.
c. Anywhere! As long as I’m not not by myself.
d. Against a wall–in camouflage.


You love attention–and you take what you can get. You never had any problems getting in the limelight. Plus, your siblings mostly let you.

You got all the lessons you needed to learn from the mishaps of your older sibling/s and you made it a point to pass it on (properly) to the younger one/s.

You were always there for your sibling/s. You made sure that they got to shine and enjoyed every moment of it. Now, it’s your turn!

You got too much attention growing up–probably because you were the youngest for a while before you got bumped up (or down) to middle child status. You don’t really miss it, but sometimes you just can’t help but act like it.




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