The Mini KIT KAT® Benches for Your Little Breaks!

October 22, 2015

The Doodle Bench



From to-do lists to short memos, the Mini KIT KAT® Doodle Bench comes handy for all the things you need to take note of as you get through the day. It even reminds you to take a break during your busy schedule.


The Stick-it Bench



Take a break and get yourself in a sticky situation with the Mini KIT KAT® Stick-it Bench tape dispenser. It makes paper work a little less serious, and a little more fun.


The Music Bench



Break the silence with this Mini KIT KAT® Bench! Turn up the sound and share your tunes with the built-in speakers. Grab one for yourself because this particular mini bench is selling out fast!



Give yourself or a friend a collectible Doodle Bench, Stick-it Bench, or Music Bench! It comes with a KIT KAT® 2F 6-pack perfect for your little breaks! Get it for only Php 150 (SRP), available in leading supermarkets nationwide for a limited time only. So hurry and don’t miss the chance to Have a Break, Have a KIT KAT®. 


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