4 Great Places to Meet New People

November 25, 2015

Beyond dark bars, noisy clubs and your school or work stressful environment, there are places more conducive for finding love during your next break. Singles or those just looking for new friends, you might want to spend a little more time in these places! Keep an eye on potential breakmates.


Avid readers tend to be very open-minded and knowledgeable on various fields. Wouldn’t you want these qualities in your future breakmate? With these traits, fights can be lessened and chats can be really interesting.

Also, sparking up a conversation is easy in a bookstore because you have an instant winner topic: The book your potential breakmate is eyeing. Instead of buying a drink for the person you’re interested in, buying his/her preferred book will totally score you more points.



Take a walk in a park. Nature has the power to calm and re-energize weary humans. It’s a great place to meet people who, like you, are seeking temporary solace from the urban world.

Check out Rizal Park’s Orchidarium for instant R&R.



It’s good measure of responsible adulthood, right? You’d want to meet someone who can conquer the supermarket like a pro. Granted, it’s an awkward way to meet a potential breakmate (and there’s a thin line between checking people out and stalking them), but with the right produce, it could work.

It’s also a great place to hang out with a breakmate you’ve already met.


Look no further! Consider hanging out at your building’s or neighborhood’s common areas like the lobby, swimming pool, or park. This is a great way to spot your neighbors, which you don’t normally encounter aside from a few minutes at the elevator or a glance while jogging around.

Take your breaks to your neighborhood spots like the UP Town Center for QC peeps, or the Evia Lifestyle Center for the south guys.

If you meet a neighbor that you’re compatible with, it’s going to be the most convenient relationship. Imagine carpooling and the easiest dates. Your families will be easier to introduce, too.

Got suggestions?


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