4 Festive DIY Drinks to Break in the Holidays

December 11, 2015

Keep yourself in good company as you enjoy the approaching holidays’ cool weather, festive mood and bright surroundings. Give in to the holiday spirit by not only spending quality time with your loved ones, but by also adding these festive DIY drinks to the equation. It’ll be the most delicious way to break in the holidays.

All extremely easy to make with less than 10 ingredients, you can make these holiday drinks without breaking a sweat!



Heat up 50g of sugar and 75ml of water until the sugar has dissolved. Let that cool. In a separate bowl, beat four egg yolks with a teaspoon of vanilla essence, a can of condensed milk, a dash of brandy and the cooled sugar syrup. Transfer the mixture and chill it for at least two hours. Serve cold, and watch drinkers of your eggnog smile on their first, second and last sip. This recipe will make four to six people happy.


Peppermint Hot Chocolate

This magical concoction is easier to make than you think. All you’ll need are chocolate chunks, milk, cream, sugar to taste and peppermint candy canes.

Heat 200g of chocolate chunks with 600ml of milk until the chocolate has melted. After, remove the mixture from the heat, and mix 150ml of cream. Taste the hot chocolate; add sugar if needed and according to your liking. Pour the mixture into six mugs, and put one peppermint candy cane in each mug. You can top it with whipped cream also. As you hand out your mugs of Christmas cheer, tell recipients to stir the hot chocolate with the candy cane to let the peppermint flavor come through.


Cherry Bomb

Here’s a pretty drink that will remind you of your favorite childhood drink, Shirley Temple, but without the alcohol content.

Bring two cups of water to a boil, and mix in a cup of grenadine once it boils. Transfer this mixture into ice-cube trays, and freeze until solid. Fill six glasses with these grenadine ice cubes, clear citrus soda and as much cherries as you like.


Apple Pie Spiced Cider

If you’re a fan of apple pie and cold weather, then you definitely have to make this comforting drink!

Simply heat up and whisk together 1 quarts apple cider, 3 tbsps brown sugar, a whole cinnamon stick, 1/2 tsp ground ginger and pinches of ground cloves, grated nutmeg, and salt. You can add a dash a brandy for some kick if you like. After the mixture’s first boil, remove it from the heat and strain into mugs. Serve it hot with cinnamon sticks, and snuggle up with your loved ones on a cold night.


Any other drinks that give you instant Christmas spirit? Sound off by leaving a comment below!



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