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The Sweetest Christmas Traditions in the World

The Sweetest Christmas Traditions in the World

December 11, 2015

In the Philippines, we have sweet traditions like hanging parols outside the house, eating puto bumbong while drinking tsokolate on cold Simbang Gabi nights, and munching on Noche Buena staples like hamonado, pancit and queso de bola. But if you look just outside our map, other countries have traditions as sweet as ours. Here are 4 of the most unique and sweetest Christmas traditions around the world:


New York City’s SantaCon

New York’s streets become crowded with red, white and green on SantaCon, an annual mass gathering where New Yorkers dress up as their best versions of Santa Claus and other Christmas characters. Watch out for rock n’ roll Santa, dog Santa, and wild Christmas tree.


Iceland’s 13 Yule Lads

Why settle for Santa Claus when you can have 13 times more gifts (or rotten potatoes)? Iceland’s 13 Yule Lads, depicted wearing clothes like Santa Claus, are said to visit children on the 13 days before Christmas to give them rewards and punishments depending on whether the child has been good or bad for the year.


The Czech’s love life forecaster

If you want a quick way to know if you’re going to have a fruitful love life for the next year, you may want to take some tips from the Czech Republic. Czechs have a unique Christmas tradition of facing away from the doorway and throwing shoes at it. If the heel faces the door, a single year awaits you, but if the toe faces it, expect someone to put a ring on your finger within the year.


Venezuelans skating to mass

In Venezuela on Christmas day, roads are closed until 8 am and cars are replaced by families skating their way to the early morning mass.


Do you know any other sweet traditions from around the world?



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